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Dystopian Manuscript progressing!

Very excited that I’m done with the writing phase of my dystopian manuscript!  I’ve been working on this particular piece on and off since about mid 2013, so this is a great accomplishment.  Currently, the manuscript is approximately 86k words in length and is what I’d say about the third draft.

Mind you, I may still have a little bit of rewriting in order on this one.  I plan to read it from start to finish though.  The way I wrote this one, very little of an outline… it seems necessary to go back through to make sure what I’ve written and anything else I intend to write to fill in the gaps fits with the story.  Otherwise, I’ll just be writing end on end forever.  At some point it’s got to be finished, right?

My hope and plan for this is to be fine tuning and polishing this manuscript up throughout 2016, and then start presenting/querying this to prospective agents by 2017.  I’m giving myself some time to get it together so it feels right.  Seems better for me to have a goal, but not one so imminent and close that I rush things.

I still have the 2nd half of a critique of my general fiction manuscript to work through as well, so I’ve got something to break up my train of thought a bit too.  I find that helps me from getting stagnant.

Anyway, plenty of writing and rewriting work in my near future.  Now I wonder if the Bayou Writers Group will be sending their novel length project for me to edit as well.  Busy times!

I hope you’re all well and are able to write and read plenty!

When do you write?

Besides the challenge of coming up with all the different elements of a story and making them all fit together in an entertaining way, I find just having time to write lately is a challenge.  Do you have this problem too?

Some members of the writers group I belong to, Bayou Writers Club, suggest to determine a good time of day for you to write, and develop a habit of always writing at that time.  Some people like to write early in the morning, others, late at night.

Lately, my best time has been around lunch time at work.  I may only get 300-500 words in at a clip, but it’s writing time.  Enough days of writing around 500 words at a clip and I’ll have a good amount of material to work with in short time.


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