Krewe of Paul Beads

If you’re on this page, you either caught, were handed, or picked up a pair of Krewe of Paul Beads at some point… or you’re just browsing around and clicked on this page on my site 🙂

Either way, let me tell you a little about myself and what the beads thing is about. My name is Paul Heingarten and I’m an Indie Published Author. I write science fiction, and I’ve got several novels and short stories published. Consider the beads (or simply your inquisitive nature) as your invite to join the Krewe of Paul on Facebook and my exclusive email list “Krewe of Paul”.

Why would you want to join? I’ll tell you!

On Facebook, the Krewe of Paul is a fast growing group where you will be able to join in chats with fellow members, win prizes, and get updates from me on my upcoming releases, and even find out about fellow author friends of mine!

On my Krewe of Paul email list, you’ll get first crack at reading novels and short stories I’ve written, for F-R-E-E! That’s right, you just have to sign up for that email list and you’ll get the chance at free novels and stories from me, all I ask in return is an honest review from you when the time comes. Oh, and I’ll also throw in some prize chances exclusive to members of the email list!

Sound good? Here’s links to get you started:

Click here to go to the Krewe of Paul on Facebook

Click here for more info on the Krewe of Paul Email List