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Moving Write Along

Hello again, I hope things are going well for you, wherever you are. The weather over here has gotten progressively warmer in recent days. Fortunately the evenings and mornings are still on the cool side for now. I’m sure that will be ending soon. At least the garden stuff is growing more now these days – just wish the grass wasn’t growing as quick ūüôā #honeydolist

Anyway, sharing some exciting news from me in the writing realm. I have indie published my novel Leave from Absence¬†last month, and it is now available on in Kindle format! The print copy will be available shortly. I’m super excited about this, as this book has been several years in the making. I believe I started this one roughly as far back as 2012. It has seen several rewrites and a few critiques, and has weathered much. I’m very happy with finally being able to share it with you, and I hope you enjoy it. It’s a story from the heart.

In addition to releasing¬†Leave from Absence, I’ve been hard at work revising my dystopian manuscript. ¬†I plan on having this one ready to pitch by mid 2017. ¬†Right now I’m retooling it, and tightening it up. ¬†Feels like the story is there, just trying to smooth out the bumps. ¬†Also, I have some short stories in the works that I hope to be getting out in the next several months, so be sure and stay tuned for that one!

On my last post on this blog, I mentioned writing goals. ¬†I’m glad to say I’ve been able to reach a few of them, and even surpass one. ¬†Here’s a recap of my goals for 2016, and where I stand with them:

  • Get to 700 followers on my twitter account,@tanis2112¬†I’m up to 718 followers and counting. ¬†If you’re on twitter, look me up!
  • Write four blog posts over the year [counting this one? maybe¬†]¬†This one is halfway there. ¬†Two on the year by early April ūüôā
  • Either self publish or query my general fic manuscript (title forthcoming‚Ķ I like surprises lol)¬†Done! ¬†Off and running with the Kindle version, print version forthcoming!
  • Complete two short stories and submit them either to contests or for consideration to be Kindle Singles¬†¬†In the works currently. ¬†Need to revise, so that’s on my to-do list. ¬†
  • Make significant progress on my sci-fi manuscript (title forthcoming‚Ķ see above about surprises)¬†Also in progress. ¬†

I understand several members of the¬†Bayou Writers Club¬†recently attended the¬†Jambalaya Writers Conference¬†presented by the Terrebonne Parish Library system in Houma, LA. ¬†I’m looking forward to catching up with them on this and will pass along any tidbits I hear on this. ¬†I’m hoping to work in attending writer conventions at some point in my future, if nothing else I want to attend the Writers Digest convention in New York when it’s time to pitch my dystopian manuscript, but that’s still a bit in the future.

Anyway, that’s my piece for now. ¬†I hope you are keeping busy, being creating and just enjoying life wherever you’re at. ¬†All the best to you!

Happy writing!