The Valkyrie Chronicles Complete Series

Humanity stands at the brink. One woman will pull them back…Experience nearly 800 pages of exciting dystopian science fiction in this collection of not only the original Valkyrie Chronicles Series, but also Menace Ascending, the tension laced prequel to this wonderful series.

Menace Ascending – short story prequel
The continent formerly called North America lies in waste, except for a small nation called Lebabolis. Her citizens, known as Products, are categorized by physical traits and required to pair with similar Products for procreation and continuing the strength of traits across the species.

Twenty-three-year-old Ana Crucinal is on the verge of coming into her own in this world, when she learns that the rumors about an underground resistance are more than just gossip, and that sometimes in life, the hardest lessons learned are just what you need for survival.

Cataclysm Epoch – book 1
An alien threat. A desperate populace. One hope to avert a future no one wants.

Forced into a life she hates by the government of Lebabolis, the last human nation on Earth, Ana must comply with her pre-ordained future or undergo Realignment.

But when her brother falls ill, Ana joins up with the resistance in an attempt to flee Lebabolis—only to learn that the true threat lies elsewhere: an alien race known as the Omegans.

All of this was foreseen. A thousand years ago a man living in New Orleans had imagined the future Ana now lives in. He wrote about the resistance, the alien menace, everything.

Desperate to save themselves and the remnants of the human race, the resistance formulates a plan to do the only thing they can think of.

Travel back in time to save the future.

With her enemies closing in, Ana knows this is her one chance to save herself, her brother, and the resistance. Failure is death and the never-ending enslavement of humanity.

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Settling Darkness – book 2
A shaky alliance. Messages from a stranger. A one-way ticket to a showdown.

Ana Crucinal has rescued Nelson Forrester from the nation of Lebabolis, and has kept him safe with the Action, the Lebabolis resistance. But, the fight the Action stood for has evolved. The Omegans, a race of marauding aliens, have begun laying their own claims for one of Earth’s last promising resources

Ana and Nelson find themselves even deeper in the fight than they could’ve ever imagined. The Action, now joined up with Lebabolis again as the Coalition, faces down the mysterious Omegans. Ana is also being tormented by strange telepathic messages, and Nelson feels ever pulled toward Cataclysm, the weapon that could finally turn the tide of the fight.

But others have their sights on Cataclysm too, and the race is on to get the upper hand and retake control. Will the Coalition get what they need to stop the Omegans? Will Ana learn just who this strange voice is, and just how important she is to restoring order on Earth?

Valkyrie Rising – book 3
Hopes crushed. Bodies broken. A spirit clinging to life.

Ana Crucinal’s journey to rescue Nelson Forrester has brought them both hope, but a double-cross by Charista leaves their plans shattered, as they are imprisoned along with the Action and others cast aside by Charista.

Ana, Nelson, and company are in the hands of the Omegans, who move swiftly to collect all their pieces and close up business on Earth. But Charista has other ideas in mind, and has gotten the Cataclysm weapon to use it against anyone who gets in her way.

Join Ana and Nelson as they struggle to make sense of their situation, and face an ultimate decision: what do you do when your back is against the wall and the odds are so overwhelming?