Cataclysm Epoch

Semi Finalist in the 2017 William Faulkner William Wisdom Competition, Novel Category

The nation of Lebabolis with its seven sectors stands as a last hope for a ravaged Earth. But Lebabolis demands absolute loyalty from its citizen “Products”, who face chemical alteration if they can’t or won’t follow the law.

Twenty three year old Ana Crucinal is ready to leave Lebabolis and their empty promises behind when she and her sick brother escape with the Action, the Resistance against everything Lebabolis. Ana’s no stranger to surviving things like losing her parents, and she’s learned to fight for what she wants, because someone has to.

When the Action is put in jeopardy traveling across time for a man who predicted their very world, Ana must decide just how far she’ll go for family and survival.

Reader Reviews of Cataclysm Epoch as seen on…

“All of the elements are here, reluctant time travelers, a dystopic future, warring factions, epic battles, a mind controlled populace, freedom fighters, futuristic weapons. It is all brought together in this one book for your reading pleasure. Be sure to have time set aside for this as you will not want to set it down once you start!” -B. Allen Thobois

“a great read which shows you can change your life for the better” – Tanyawriter